What is ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis)?


I have seen some posts on neurodivergent pages about it, specifically ASD related pages, and have never heard of it before. Any help is appreciated.

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It’s just a type of interpersonal therapy targetting those with ASD, typically to improve social cognition and general behavior. I guess it’s not really only a form of therapy, it’s a discipline in its own right, and it says that we basically use responses to determine how to direct and encourage behavior.

this was the broadest, five year old answer I could try to give, if you want more detailed answer or have a specific question just comment again!

(From someone who almost interviewed with a ABA therapist and constant contact with children with Autism)Individuals who identify as neurodivergent like Autism or ASD are provided with therapy which redirects their behavior to be seen more socially acceptable. Like individuals with Autism who “stim” will be redirected to not show excitement that way and give a more calm representation of happiness. This also includes forcing them to look individuals in the eye or engage in play or conversation with others. ABA is seen as more harmful than good in the neurodivergent community due to its direct affiliation to “masking” in which they begin just not exhibiting these emotion relieving stimming or allowed specific items they use to self soothe.