What is an API?


What is an API?

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Application Programming Interface.
You can think of it like a TV remote, you want to be able to use the TV, but you don’t want to go and manually change the channel from the circuitry in the TV and you don’t need to understand how the TV works to use it.

An API I a way for a programmer to create a set of functions (or way to interact with some software) that doesn’t require the user to understand or read the source code.

From my experience it is a bit of an abstract thing, there are no rules(AFAIK) that defines what an API has to be, so it can be kinda whatever you want.

It’s a built in command for requesting information from a website.

If you want a website that shows the weather you can just make “calls” to an api and the data displays whatever you called. Maybe you just want the temperature and not whether it’s raining so you look up the call for the temperature and ignore the rest.