What is axis 2 personality disorder ?


What is axis 2 personality disorder ?

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The axes are a DSM IV classification (DSM = diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders). They were dropped in the DSM V due to a lack of evidence and scientific validity. The diagnosis someone receives, when being diagnosed by someone following the DSM IV is organized according to the axes.

Axis 1: Most mental disorders other than those in axis 2 (stuff like substance abuse and schizophrenia)

Axis 2: Personality disorders and mental retardation

Axis 3: Medical conditions that can influence mental state

Axis 4: Environmental and personal factors (like being homeless)

Axis 5: “Global assessment of functioning,” a number that indicates how well a person functions

Many people dislike the DSM for a wide range of reasons.

Personality disorders are considered to be flaws with someone’s personality or character, by the therapist. Some examples are avoidant behavior, dependent behavior, or narcissism. If the diagnosis didn’t specifically name a personality disorder it was diagnosed as personality disorder NOS, not otherwise specified, which means the criteria for any of the described personality disorders were not met.

Many people dislike the personality disorders as a diagnostic tool for a wide range of reasons.