What is bias tape, and how can I make it?


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Take a normal strip of fabric. See how the threads run up and down, and side to side? Cut a strip of fabric on “the bias”, at a 45 degree angle, which makes it more able to stretch.

Bias tape is just fabric that has been cut at an angle so it stretches nicely. It’s useful for curving around the edges of fabric like arm holes, neck holes, etc. Can also be helpful in applications where things stretch.

If you look at normal fabric it’s usually made of perpendicular lines of woven thread. If you try to stretch the fabric in these directions (across the regular grain) it wont really stretch at all (unless it’s specifically stretch fabric). If instead, you go at a 45 degree angle, now you can get some stretch. So to create your own bias tape out of normal fabric you simply need to cut your strips at a 45 degree angle to the grain of the fabric.

Here’s a pretty in-depth [article](https://makeit-loveit.com/bias-tape-tutorial-single-double-fold) about it with more pictures and a video!