What is e-waste?


It’s a bit confusing given some classify things that they don’t like as e-waste

Could someone clarify what is actually covered under it?

For example, what would you classify and not classify as e-waste?

The popular definition seems like it’s a bit different from what the more dictionary based definitions would be

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E-waste is electronic waste. Old phones, old batteries, old computers etc. that are at end of life and need to be disposed of are all forms of e-waste. People talk about e-waste because disposing electronics proses a unique set of challenges because of the toxicity of the their components and composite materials

E-waste stands for Electronic waste

Circuit boards, chips, batteries, cables, old computers, phones, TVs, etc etc

The reason it’s identified as a unique problem is that E-waste can and does contain a lot of heavy metals, chemicals, flammable materials, and other potentially toxic materials that should be recycled safely vs being dumped.

Lithium batteries are a particularly big problem these days because they are highly volatile when damaged.

E-waste also contains gold and other precious metals that can be mined and recycled helping offset the cost of recycling.

Electronics. Circuit boards, wires, electrical components, whole devices. Anything electronic that’s going in the garbage.