What is fatophobhia and how does it work?


What is fatophobhia and how does it work?

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Fatphobia is hatred of overweight people. It works the same way as hating anyone for a physical trait.

It’s when someone judges a person based on their weight rather than their merit. Some people tend to think that overweight people are “bad” or don’t deserve respect, all because of their weight.

Fatphobia isn’t like arachnophobia. It’s kind of like systemic barriers and assumptions made about fat people. One really easy example is the experience of fat people at the doctor’s “oh you have a sore tummy ? Just lose some weight. Next !” Or that show The Biggest Loser, which demonised fat people until they lost weight, even though the methods used to make them lose weight were far worse for their health in the long run.

“Phobia” refers to an irrational fear and/or an irrational hatred of something. However, usually people tend to view particular phobia as being more based in fear or more based in hatred, even though it is often not that simple.

Generally seen as a fear: arachnophobia (spiders), coulrophobia (clowns), claustrophobia (cramped spaces)

Generally seen as a hatred: Homophobia (gay people), fatphobia (fat people), xenophobia (outsiders)

A lot of the time, the term fatphobia is is used to refer to discrimination or other prejudice and mistreatment of overweight people because they are overweight. Technically it refers to the psychology that promotes this type of behavior. Essentially, if one has fatphobia, they believe some combination of “fat people are lesser human beings” and/or “I am disgusted by fat people”, and that will affect how you treat fat people compared to others.

It can also refer to a fear of becoming fat.