What is Genetic testing and DNA analysis and what is diffeance?


What is Genetic testing and DNA analysis and what is diffeance?

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Genetic testing is looking for specific DNA markers, to determine origin, gender, or family. DNA analysis is looking at the entire DNA chain and studying what it does, and how it works.

Very broad terms. Depending on context, they can be totally synonymous.

Where are you seeing these terms?

There are different situations where DNA is looked at.

Usually “genetic testing” is checking someone’s DNA to see if they have genes that might cause them health problems or affect how they will respond to different drugs. So it’s a medical lab test to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

But we also look at DNA to see if somebody is related to somebody else, eg. paternity tests and genealogy, or to identify victims or perpetrators of crimes, or study evolution, and population migration and mixing, and other situations, so there are a lot more reasons to study DNA then just genetic testing

As a bioinformatician: both terms are rather non-specific, but “genetic testing” is typically used for any medical diagnostic test to look for genetic markers for disease, such as things associated with cancer or rare hereditary diseases.

“DNA analysis” broadly means any lab or computer method that looks at DNA molecules or DNA sequence information. It could be comparing the genomes of different species to determine how related they are, trying to associate disease diagnoses in medical records with specific genes or gene variants, determining a person’s ancestry, looking for mutations in genes to explain a disease, sequencing a genome, … anything, really.