What is happening when a song is “stuck in your head”?


What is happening when a song is “stuck in your head”?

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I don’t know, but I had *just* gotten *”We don’t talk about Bruno, no no”* out of my head and saw this post and now it’s back

The current theory is it has to do with memory and learning. The brain is wanting to know what happens next in the song but for some reason you don’t remember that part. So it plays the part you do know over and over again hoping to trigger some connection and find the missing bit.

Just in case anyone needs it, I have found that singing “The Happy Birthday Song” in my head is useful for knocking down an earworm. You are socialized to sing the song once and then stop…. so it’s sort of a cleanser.

I wish I knew how to get rid of it when I do get them.

I once had a work trip to China and had the Friends theme tune on perpetual repeat for three nights “playing” loud enough to keep me awake the whole time.

For me, it tends to happen when I’m extremely tired.