What is happening when you get the spins?


What is happening when you get the spins?

In: Biology

In what context? When drinking?

It is a pretty complicated answer, but essentially it messes with the balance system in your inner ear and gives you literal vertigo (a sensation of motion where there is no motion).

The spins when you are drinking is literally what people with severe vertigo experience during an attack.

To expand on the other answer, there are complex interactions in the brain between the input form your senses. In this case, the interaction is between your sense of balance (from your inner ear), your vision, and proprioception (your sense of where the parts of your body are in space). These interactions let you know that if you, say, move your head, that the world isn’t moving, or if you move your eyes, your head isn’t moving. If something throws those processes off in the brain or nerves, such as inflammation from an infection or drinking, then voila, it seems like your head is spinning or your eyes are moving when they’re not.