What is helium mining (HNT)?


And if helium mining can generate crypto currency, are there any limits to what can be mined?

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Helium mining is how you earn HNT (a cryptocurrency). The Helium network is designed to create a large WiFi network that’s shared by everyone on the network. You “mine” (earn) HNT by installing a WiFi hotspot that participates in the Helium network and letting that hotspot run and expand the network. Helium uses something called Proof-of-coverage…basically, your hotspot has to prove that it’s connected to other hotspots, that it’s responding to devices that want to use the network, and that it’s moving data for users on the network. Doing all that earns you HNT. You can then “spend” HNT on data credits, the ability to transmit your own data over the helium network.

Note that “Helium” in this context is the name for a particular blockchain network, not helium the gas that you get in party balloons.

The only thing you can really mine in a cryptocurrency context is adding stuff to the blockchain, i.e. doing a bunch of math on computers.