What is PAI-1 and its function within the body?


My pregnant fiancée just got back some lab results and it stated that her PAI-1 levels are through the roof (almost 3x more than what would be considered normal). Her obstetrician isn’t in the office for the next week so we can’t call them and find out any more info as to what it means in terms of her pregnancy.

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u/Princetontoss gave a good description of what PAI is, but didn’t explain what high levels mean.

Quick background, your body likes to keep balance (homeostasis) and can be kind of stubborn…so in this instance PAI is supposed to convert into Plasmin, and break down clots. But for some reason that conversion isn’t happening. So like an impatient person waiting for the elevator, your body hits the button like 5 more times.

This leads to increased levels of PAI, which may or may not convert into Plasmin depending on what the issue is. What this means for your wife and the pregnancy, I can’t say. I’m not a doctor and I’m not your doctor. But the rough outline is with a Plasmin deficiency, clots will persist after they’re no longer needed.