what is sigma six?


Edit: Yes, I mean six sigma /sigh

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Sigma Six is a process improvement methodology that focuses on improving the quality of products and services. It is based on the principle that any process can be improved, and it has six steps:

1. Establish the process and its goals
2. Collect data about the process
3. Analyze the data to identify problems and opportunities for improvement
4. Develop and implement solutions to improve the process
5. Monitor the results of the improvements
6. Repeat as necessary

You mean six sigma? It’s a quality control framework that strives to reduce manufacturing defects to fewer than 3.4 per million. The term comes from statistics, and refers to six standard deviations (sigma) from the mean of a normal curve.

It is a quality-control program started at Motorola in the late 80s, then adopted by other companies, General Electric being well-known.

1998 article: https://www.joc.com/economy-watch/motorolas-six-sigma-concept-its-more-just-process_19980526.html

It is now a parasitic organization doing mindless pep talks and presentations, while CEOs outsource production.

Six sigma is supposed to be a framework on analysing production workflows so you can significantly reduce defects. How most companies implement it is to hire six sigma experts, those experts then get all the people that are supposed to be doing the work on a regular call and then tell them to do whatever it is they are doing better.