What is soft power, and how do countries who rank highly benefit?


In what ways does it help the United Kingdom that they have the most soft power? How can her majesty’s government get use of the soft power of the uk?


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Soft power is just a way to describe diplomatic clout and the ability to get others to do what you want them to do without having to resort to hard power in the form of military might.

Standard ways to gain and maintain soft power is to have alliances and ensure that your allies will have your back. You can also simply buy soft power by for example giving money to other countries as bribes to their leaders (often camouflaged in the form of charitable foreign aid).

You can get and hold soft power by being someone people respect and listen to by behaving in a way that earns such respect and reputation.

Soft power is incredibly hard to quantify so I wouldn’t give too much to what the websites says which country has.

Especially the UK ranked as #1 in the list, is nowhere near that point currently if it ever was. Brexit has done a number on the UKs soft power. Going from being part of the EU to announcing that you would leave them means that the UK went from being able to negotiate with others based from their position as one of the most powerful economic blocks in the world to basically being alone. The inept ways they have gone about implementing brexit and the willingness they have shown not to be bound by prior agreements really hurt the countries credibility.

May has done the country no favours and if Boris gets to take the helm you can expect things to get worse based on his track record as a foreign minister.

Of course the UK is not the only country to have wasted much of their soft Power in recent years.