What is the difference between arts and culture?


What is the difference between arts and culture?

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Art is an aspect of culture. Art can be anything you can interact with given your five senses: see, smell, hear, taste, touch – such as paintings, music, and even food.

Culture is the social behavior, customs, history, religion, and achievements of a society, which can influence and be influenced by art (among other things).

Arts are a creative expression of thought, mood, or action created by an individual or group. Think paintings, songs, dances, books, etc.

Culture is the principles, rules, beliefs, arts, cuisines, etc that underpin a group of people’s view of the world and their history. Culture provides the environment in which people can create art and where artists can draw inspiration.

They do share a symbiotic relationship in that culture often puts parameters on what art can be (ex. In Muslim cultures you cannot draw the Prophet, so a lot of their art became stunning calligraphy) and art can impact change the culture (ex. Think of any foundational band who changed the way we views music and how music creates subcultures).

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Art is part of culture, but there is culture beyond art. Aspects like family structure, cuisine/cooking methods, values, spirituality are all parts of culture that aren’t art.