What is the difference between Hemp CBD Oil and Marajuana CBD Oil?


Texas just legalized hemp CBD oil and I’m trying to figure out what that means and how it benefits those needing it for chronic pain/medical purposes.

In: Chemistry

Hemp and Marijuana are cousins. Hemp contains more oil and very little THC. MJ the opposite. There for hemp oil is less expensive. That’s about it.

Hemp is the industrial name for Cannabis, but typically the varieties of Cannabis that are grown as hemp have extremely low (bordering on zero) THC content.

Hemp is typically not grown for THC, but for oil and fiber which can be used in various other products.

Texas specifically legalizing hemp oil may be due to the illegality of growing Marijuana as opposed to hemp. You get CBD from both, but if only hemp is legal to grow in the state then it makes legal sense to only legalize the oil rendered from that specific plant.