what is the difference between Hz and FPS?


I have seen some phones advertised as having 60 Hz display and the phone being ultra smooth. But recording and watching videos in a higher FPS is also a measure of smoothness right?

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Hertz (Hz) is the SI unit for frequency measured in 1 cycle/second. It is the unit used to measure the refresh rate of the monitor (i.e., how often the monitor updates the image displayed). A 60Hz monitor, for example, will refresh 60 times/second.

Frames-per-second (FPS) is the number of frames that your GPU will output per second. So 60fps means that your GPU is outputting 60 frames each second. FPS is also a measure of cycles/second, so it could be measured in Hertz. However, we often don’t do this because using the same generic unit to refer to the number of frames as well as refresh rate can be confusing.

Having these two numbers mismatched can lead to something called [screen-tearing](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_tearing), where the screen will display two or more partial frames (i.e. the top half might be a new frame, and the bottom half an older one).

Hz is just the max fps a screen/monitor can handle. So if you’re playing a game at 120 fps and your screen can only handle 60hz you will see 60fps because the screen can’t show you more.

FPS means “frame per seconds”. Hz is a frequency so 1 Hz “one per second”.

Something that precesses 60 Frame per seconds, processes frames at 60Hz.

So as long as you are talking about frames, FPS = Hz.

Hz is just more general. Hertz is a generic unit of frequency. The number of something per second. For example sound waves are measured in Hz, the number of oscillations per second. Or for a CPU, the Hz is the number of clock cycles it does per second.

So Frames per second can also be expressed with Hz. In the context of say a video, FPS and Hz are the same thing. Although you might have a display that’s 60Hz, i.e. it updates 60 times per second, but you might be watching a 30 FPS video on it. So while the display refreshed 60 times a second, the video only outputs a new frame every other screen refresh.