What is the difference between the words “purposely” and “purposefully”?


What is the difference between the words “purposely” and “purposefully”?

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Purposely is something that is not by accident whilst purposefully is indicating the purpose exists. Usually pruposefully is just used to strengthen the meaning of purposely

Purposely describes an action done intentionally. The action wasn’t accidental but deliberate. The emphasis is on the action.

Purposefully describes an action done to achieve a certain outcome; ie action with purpose. This word is usually used in the context of emphasizing outcomes or objectives. E.g “He purposefully moved aside to avoid colliding with someone”.

Purposefully means someone is doing something very intently or deliberately. They’re trying really hard. You can still try to do something purposefully and fail.

Purposely usually means something was already done and that it was definitely the intention of whoever did it. Something was done and there’s no ambiguity that it was done intentionally. Someone meant to do something.

So purposefully, someone MEANS to do something, or is simply really focused on something.
Purposely, someone MEANT to do something.