What is the difference between Web 1, Web 2, and Web 3?


As a business major who has no tech background whatsoever, I find it hard to understand the basic concept between Web 1, 2, and 3, especially from 2 to 3. Most websites that explain these differences dive into the technical/technological aspects with all these fancy words.

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I thought [this](https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/web-1-0-web-2-0-and-web-3-0-with-their-difference/) was a great explanation, the differences basically focus on the form the info is stored, how and from where it is accessible and the nature of user participation.

Web 1: The internet is a bunch of static webpages that a user can look up and read.

Web 2: The internet is as it is now, a bunch of dynamic webpages and platforms that you as a user can upload your own content too (think Facebook, Youtube, etc)

Web 3: To put bluntly is largely just a buzzword to make Crypto and NFT schemes sound important and revolutionary. In concept it is that instead of the current platform based systems we have now where ultimate control, ownership, monetization, etc of the uploaded content is held by the platform owners, instead the users will ‘own’ their uploaded content through the use of Crypto via some hand wavy mechanism and the platforms you uploaded too will be distributed in nature instead of centralized into a few big companies like the current platforms.

As a business major you should understand that a lot of the times the jargons used don’t come from the tech side but from the business and marketing side. A whole lot of words used to capture attention first and then define what you think much later

1.)You own the site and make the content

2.)You own the site and other people make the content

3.)You own the service, and other people own the content and serve the content.

Web 1: read

Web 2: produce

Web 3: own/control

You could add “content” to the end of all of those for conceptual tangibility at the expense of accuracy.