• What is the meaning of PVO that is on every Artemis Mission update post


So this is their latest update. I also wonder if you can somehow track the capsule & its path using this PVO data.

Mission Time: 2 days, 22 hrs, 6 min
Orion is 206,362 miles from Earth, 109,392 miles from the Moon, cruising at 1,240 miles per hour.
P: (-192738, -80056, -26030)
V: (-886, -787, -366)
O: 53º, 51.2º, 12.2º

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“PVO” on its own might be referring to a collision-avoidance algorithm.


Instead, the data you’ve posted appears to be describing the position, velocity, and orientation of the craft.

P: **P**osition – where Orion is. The three numbers are XYZ coordinates. X and Y make a flat plane in line with Earth’s equator, and then Z is how far above or below Earth the capsule is. The units are in miles.

V: **V**elocity – how fast Orion is going. This is in miles per hour, in the same X Y Z coordinate system as position. So (-886, -787, -366) means it’s moving 866mph in the -X direction, 787mph in the -Y direction, and 366mph downward. Note that if you use the Pythagorean theorem to combine these three numbers, they combine to 1240mph.

O: **O**rientation – where Orion is pointing. This is in degrees the capsule is rotated around each of the three axes above.

You can see a little more detail on [NASA’s tumblr page](https://www.tumblr.com/nasaorion/692871881822502912/how-to-use-data-from-nasas-arow-tweets).