What is the most relevant explanation of evolution by modern Science


I just asked another Sub about a Evolution related question and learned that my grasp of Evolution is like 200 years out of date because I only got taught what some guys in 1850 think about Evolution thanks to school.

And I asked for a place where someone can explain modern Evolution for dummies and here I am finding this sub.

So please enlighten me with the newest thoughts about Evolution.

Thanks in advance.

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Evolution is actually fairly simple. Certain traits make creatures have less children, or have children that don’t survive as long. Those creatures don’t pass along as much of their genes, and over thousands of years those traits die out, removing them from the species.

Counter to popular belief evolution doesn’t give a shit about success, if a trait doesn’t impact your ability to have kids, or your kids ability to have kids, then it does not care. It also doesn’t have a will, its just propagation of statistics, if something has a lower chance to continue then something else then it dies out and is removed from the gene pool.