What is the open application prompt in a browser actually called


It will look something like this “a website wants to open this application”

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I can’t really tell you what the prompt is called but it is a custom URL scheme. A URL is a string that is used to describe where a resource is located, like “[https://reddit.com](https://reddit.com)”, which points to Reddit. The “https:” is the scheme, which tells the computer how this resource should be addressed. Another scheme would be “file:” for opening files on your computer or “mailto:” to send a mail to that address. Applications on your computer can define custom URL schemes which tell your browser that a URL with that scheme should be opened by that app. For example, Steam uses the “steam:” scheme and if you have steam installed, typing “steam://run/730” into your browser will try to open steam with the address “run/730”, which tells Steam to launch CS:GO. Because you don’t want websites to just be able to open applications when you click a link, the browser will show this prompt and ask you if you really want to open the app.

I think what you’re looking for is called a dialog box/windows. Pops up on screen, and asks you to confirm or choose by clicking a button/buttons.