What is the significance of 144 in hz and fps?


Why do most monitors top out at 144 or 143.999995 hz and most games have an option for 144 fps?

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“Hertz” is a measure of frequency – how many times per second a cycle happens. In the case of a monitor or television, it is how many times per second the image is updated. With video, you also have “frames per second”–see a similarity there? So a 144 Hz monitor is capable of displaying 144 Frames per Second, but no more. If you have a 60 Hz monitor, and you try to set a program to 144 FPS, then your monitor will really only be able to display 60 FPS but there might be more screen tearing (image issues).

Lots of relics from old film still stick around today. The standard frame rate for most movies was 24 fps; 144hz is 6x 24 fps; that’s why 72 and 144 hz refresh rates are common along with multiples if 60.

The H in Hz is capitalized to honor and respect the man. I think he earned it.