What is Upregulation?


For the life of me all of the sciency medical definitions on google don’t make any sense to me. Specifically I am trying to understand this example: Cardio up regulates cortisol.
Help? My five year old comprehension thanks you in advance.

In: Biology

It is increasing stimulus to an action.

Kinda like you know fire is hot when you touch it, if you go to touch it later you know its going to be hot so you flinch.

Up regulating is that flinch, the preparedness for an action. Since running causes your body to be stressed your body releases the steroid cortisol for for running power. Exercise a lot and your body will release more because it expects you need more.

X upregulates y means x causes there to be more y. It might be by increases to gene expression or translation, or by reduction to y turnover, or by causing more of y to be released from storage, or by interacting with enzymes in a metabolic pathway in some way – ‘upregulated’ is a way of saying there is more of something without being specific as to how the increase comes about.