What made the world population increase so drastically after 1900?


Excuse me, if this is the wrong sub for this but I’m genuinly confused. According to [this graph](https://flic.kr/p/5T5hkE) I found by accident, the world population barely increased at all between 1300 and 1900. And then it suddenly took off like crazy. What caused this sudden fast increment of the world population?

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Vaccines and modern medicines, coupled with improved transport.

That’s the thing with exponential growth: you don’t see it until it’s too late.

I can’t speak to the early part of the 1900s, but this man had the most impact on the increased population https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_Borlaug

Three factors contributed the most, but by no means are the only 3 factors.

First one being a better understanding of medicine and disease, including the introduction of vaccines. People died less often from preventable disease, especially children, meaning more people made it to adulthood to themselves also breed. Fewer babies dying means both more adults,and more breeders.

Second, mechanical farming and chemical farming – that is, artificial fertilizer. Between better fertilizer which improved crop yields, and farm equipment which allowed more to be harvested in less time meaning there was more food for even the new larger population.

And third was a combination of the internal combustion engine and the plane. With transportation that made land, air, and sea travel much much faster, it was suddenly much easier to transport all of this food to where the people are.

Obviously it’s a lot more complicated and this is a really simple explanation

Short answer is sex, lots of sex. Infant mortality also dropped dramatically with invention of modern medicine. Vaccines, all the vaccines. More high quality food kept people healthier and so they live longer. So basically: reliable healthy food, medicine, lots of sex