What makes Belgian beer different (esp. from English beer)?


I’ve noticed that Belgian beer, while stronger, doesn’t make me feel nearly as bloated and rubbish as English ales/beers tend to. It is also sweeter and fruitier. What’s the reason for this in terms of ingredients and/or brewing process?

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The main ingredients are the same : barley, hops and water. Sometimes Belgium adds wheat. Different hops makes differents beer and different tastes, flavor and aroma.
The first cooking steps are the same, until the yeast us added.
Different breweries will use different yeast strains. You can add other ingredients as spices or “rough grains”.
Then it goes into fermatation. The fermatation process you use, will have different effect on the beer.

So as much as the main ingredients and the process is the same or very similar, the difference are quite small but thats what make all the difference .

The magic is in the quality of the water. No jokes. Each Belgian beer prefers it’s specific water source. Look it up!