what the difference between a turbo and a super charger is.


I am curious as to how both work and a little bit of research has helped but I know there are people on here that are much better at explaining things then some shit on google.

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A turbocharger uses exhaust gases from your engine to spin a turbine, which is connected to another turbine which compresses the air entering the engine. More air going into the engine = more power. A supercharger is essentially the same thing except the turbine isn’t spun by your exhaust gases, it can be either electronically spun or powered by the engine itself via a belt like your alternator.

A turbo is spun by the exhaust and a super charger is spun by a belt. Both compress air and force it into the combustion chamber.

They both force air into the engine. The main difference is how.

A supercharger uses a belt to spin a compressor to force air into the engine. They have a fan style supercharger that are similar to a turbo, and it draws less power than the roots style supercharger. The downside is you don’t get instant response off idle, but you save a little in fuel.

A turbo uses two fans to force air into the engine by using the exhaust gasses to spin one fan before continuing down the exhaust tubes connected by a shaft to another fan on the intake tubes. As the exhaust gas spins the fans faster, the intake fan forces air into the engine. You can control the boost better on a turbo set up, but you don’t get much boost until you get the thing spinning. It doesn’t use a belt and doesn’t draw any power off the engine.

Engines will generate more power if they can burn more fuel, but because of the way combustion works you need to add more air in proportion to the amount of extra fuel you use.

To get the extra air into your engine you need to use an air pump. Both turbochargers and superchargers are air pumps.

Superchargers have their pump mechanism driven mechanically via a belt directly from the engine’s crankshaft.

Turbochargers use the engine exhaust gases to turn a turbine to drive the air pump.