what’s the difference between gaslighting and brainwashing?


^^ basically the title. When I research this with even slightly reputable sources they use psychology words I’ve never heard of. Also, as I understand it, gaslighting is illegal. Is brainwashing?

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I would say that all gaslighting is brainwashing, but not all brainwashing has to be gas lighting.

>is brainwashing illegal?

Lol you wouldn’t happen to be american?

Gaslighting is named after the movie Gaslight in which a character isolates his wife and lies to her, telling her she is a kleptomaniac. He then plants evidence that she is, sowing doubt in her that maybe she is one without knowing it.

Glaslighting, in psychology, is to make someone doubt their sense of reality. For example, if you had a fight with your partner last night and then the next day you pretend it didn’t happen until they question themselves whether they may have imagined it, that’s gaslighting.

Brainwashing is when you change someone’s point of view by manipulation, repetition or torture. E.g. members of a cult are made to become more and more fanatical about the cult’s beliefs.

Neither are illegal activities. To a degree, every military brainwashes new recruits to train them to be effective soldiers. Gaslighting might be psychological abuse but there’s no laws against it.