What’s the difference between OST, BGM, Soundtrack, and Theme Song?


Up until now, I’ve been using OST & Soundtrack as the same thing because I’m an OST anime/movie/series/show collector. You can just check it here on YouTube in my playlists ([https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Z3eeDMIXMMBd6i4bFr3Gg/about](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Z3eeDMIXMMBd6i4bFr3Gg/about)) ……. so it’s embarrassing enough to hear about “BGM” for the first time in an anime called Idolish7 & wonder what the heck is the difference between them all ……… *sigh*

If you could simply explain it & give me some examples, that’d be great thanks.

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Ost i think is the original sound track, bgm is background soundtrack?

“OST” stands for “Original Sound Track,” so it is essentially the same as “soundtrack” except in some cases where the soundtrack was altered or replaced, possibly for foreign distribution.

“BGM” stands for “background music.” It is music that plays in the background of a scene. As such, it might not be very melodic or attention-grabbing, and it might not make sense listened to without the context of whatever was happening on screen. A theme song is not background music.

A soundtrack can include both background music and more notable music like a theme song or credits music. A typical soundtrack does not include every single tiny bit of music that plays with a show and might not include any background music at all.

OST is “original” soundtrack. So it’s all the themes and background music written for show/movie/game/etc.

Soundtrack is usually any licensed music. A good example would be the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. There’s original score but also a ton of licensed music, like Fleetwood Mac and Redbone.

BGM is just music that plays in the background, usually for effect. Someone died so there’s really sad music when people find out and reminisce.

Theme songs can either refer to the show opening and closing themes. For example THE POLiCY and Places are the opening and closing themes for S3.

Theme songs can also refer to specific pieces for a particular character. For example, One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy 7 is Sephiroth’s specific theme. It’s only played for him, usually during fights and to introduce him. Another example might be the Imperial March from Star Wars. I don’t know if it’s officially Darth Vader’s theme but it’s a piece everyone associates with him.

– Themes are opening/closing songs or character pieces
– BGM is music, usually instrumental, that plays in the background for effect
– Original soundtrack is original-only music written for the project
– Soundtrack is usually just licensed music that appears in the project

Because i7 is an idol franchise, *all* the music is original, there’s no licensed stuff.

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