when a phone is vibrating in a TV movie, it feels/sounds like it’s my phone vibrating. Why/How?


You know when you watch a movie and the guy gets called, I always think it is my phone and someone messaged me


R U srs?

Because they recorded a phone vibration and microphones and speakers are really good these days.

The brain. It tricks you into thinking that is the case because it’s usually a familiar sound with a familiar meaning.

Happens when you are waiting for an important call and sometimes the brain tricks me into thinking that the phone is ringing when it’s not.

It is really hard to tell were really high or low pitched sounds come from.

With very high pitched tones, like a microwave beep or some phone message sounds, you also can’t tell if they’re on TV or somewhere in your house.

With deep base sounds or vibration, the same. You probably know the sensation when a car drives by outside with an insane subwoofer. It’s hard to tell where exactly it’s coming from, you probably first look which car has window stickers and a spoiler on the trunk.

As for the scientific reason why this is? Derp!