which muscles are used when you open and close the larynx?


i’ve been doing some research because i was bored and now im wondering, first i thought it was the same as when you swallow (epiglottis or smth), but i cant find many places where it says that so i was looking for other sources but found none. I honestly dont know anything about biology other than when I was bored and wondered about things (like ears and the nose). If you have a picture of the thing then please show me (if possible) and try to not use too many complicated phrases, a five year old doesnt understand them and neither do i.

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Do you mean like when you sing? Your vocal cords (the bits in your throat that vibrate when you hum) are mostly a skin fold with a bit of muscle tissue inside, and they are attached to some cartilage which is attached to more muscles (like the cricoarytenoid, transvers and oblique arytenoid, or cricothyroid muscles to name a few). All together they move the individual units that form the larynx, so when you exhale and those muscles make the vocal folds move, it produces a sound.