why and how do headaches and migraines can cause vomiting?


why and how do headaches and migraines can cause vomiting?

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Migraines can be vestibular and that can be exhibited as vertigo, dizziness and/or imbalance. That can cause nausea and/or vomiting

You see, nausea and headaches could be caused by eating something poisonous / not proper for consume, and depending on how bad it is your brain can interpret it as “Whatever is causing this has to go!” So it tries to expel what could be causing the problem through vomit. For example that is why some people feel nausea while on long rides and why usually you also feel nauseated if you try to read or use your phone in a trip such as this. Your body might even interpret the whole “I am not moving, but the ouside is” as hallucinations, something that can also be caused by eating something improper. Hope i could help.

There are a few ways potentially, between head-first or gut-first. Gut problems like from bad microflora due to taking antibiotics, or eating something inflammatory makes your system pressure go up and can cause headaches and migraines, also hurt tummies of course. In some cases of headache-first, the area if your brain that experiences the headache is close the the zone that perceives gut pain, and it can feel like you’re sick even when nothing’s wrong. Also the vertigo/dizziness aspects others mentioned.

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