why are arched feet better if so many shoes boast arch support?


What’s the benefit of having naturally high arches vs flat feet? I have very flat feet and any arch support shoes or inserts are really uncomfortable but i don’t really get why you would want a high arch since it seems like the weight distribution would be better on a flat foot?

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It creates an additional lever for moving over the ground, which humans need because we don’t use our hands. Arch support basically makes your feet last longer Into old age without injury

As someone who was born with flat feet, it’s definately better to have the arch. I ain’t no doctor, so I don’t know the exact cause behind any of it. But, before I got corrective inserts walking or standing for extended periods made my feet get extremely sore very quickly. I destroyed a pair of shoes at summer camp once because I kept walking on the sides of my feet because my no-arch area hurt to much, which made the shoes sortof roll over the soles if you can picture that. Confused the hell out of the scout masters.

But the reason inserts feel uncomfortable to you is probably because your feet are naturally flat. From what I remember from my pediatrist lots of people are born with varying levels or arch to their feet.

To fix it they measured my arch, and then made some custom fitted inserts I had to wear for maybe a year or so in order to basically slowly bend your foot into an arch. And I’m not gonna lie it SUCKED, I wore them all through a highschool band camp and it was pretty grueling to wear them. But I also will say that after that, the difference it made was amazing. I went from functionally being unable to stand for more than a half hour to regularly hiking and standing/walking for 9+ hr shifts with just some gel inserts.

TL;DR – The inserts hurt because they’re kinda bending your bones into place

the arch in your foot acts as a spring to absorb impacts from your foot falls. Shoes with arch support take on the burden of cushioning steps themselves, which make them feel more comfortable if your foot is the right shape. They won’t feel great for flat feet since they will end up bending your foot in a way you aren’t accustomed to. Overall though, especially when barefoot, arches are better since they will help cushion your footsteps and won’t put extra stress on your shins and knees

The arch in your foot acts as a suspension for your legs and be extension the rest of your body. The force on your foot get absorbed and split through the rest of your foot by the arch while the arch is flexible enough to absorb said forces without getting damaged. If you run your fingers across your arch, you can feel a little knob of muscle and bones right at the top. If the arch was flat, that knob would be grinding against the ground every time you took a step, causing you a lot of pain.