Why are gamers mad about Epic game store exclusives?


Isn’t competition good? Right now Steam is a monopoly.

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I guess this is a troll, but here i go….

Steam has a lot better community support (one klick mod install, community market, forums, etc.) But epic takes a smaller cut from game sales. It is also worth mentioning that many people already have a Steam account and that the epic launcher is collecting a lot of data and sends it to epic

A game being an exclusive specifically REMOVED competition. If epic games is the only store that sells a certain game they can charge what they want. The store itself apparently also has a pretty terrible UI and is generally not very good, though I personally haven’t tried so I can’t vouch for the second part

Edit to add: Epic also has some pretty shitty Securty/ major Securty flaws

It isn’t competition if you have exclusive content. It’s by definition a monopoly if the only place you can get a certain game one place just like the way Netflix is the only way you can get Stranger Things, Amazon is the only way you can get The Grand Tour, and Hulu is the only place you can get The Hand Maiden’s Tale.

I don’t like having to install 50 different launchers for games. I’m more understanding if the company owned the IP, like Valve with Half-Life, or Blizzard and Overwatch. To buy out a game that should be available on multiple platforms is simply scummy.

Competition is only good when it drives companies to produce a better product than each other. Exclusives, in any form, is almost the exact opposite of this: both Epic and Steam have no incentive from competition to improve their service, because someone who wants to play exclusive game X will go to the service that exclusively offers it, regardless of the quality of that service.