why are goats associated with satan?


why are goats associated with satan?

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Because of the party God Pan who’s half goat half man. Christians didn’t like getting down like that so they depicted the Devil like Pan. The imagery of the devil has essentially been used that way ever since. Currently you see the devil often depicted as a slick well dressed sharp tongued business man.

Parable of the sheep and the goats – at the end of days God will separate those who followed to the right as sheep, and those who did not to the left, as goats.

Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell

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In Judaism, a goat would be symbolically given responsibility for the peoples’ sins and then abandoned in the wilderness. This is where we get the term “scapegoat” from. So goats were associated with sin, and associations with Satan naturally grew out of that. Since Abrahamic religions are major cultural influences in much of the world, this association is common worldwide.

Pan and satyr eventually became a goat like figures and face

considered the oldest pagan god(greek i think)

was co opted to represent satanism or witchcraft as paganism and polytheism is considered ‘false idols’ by monotheistic faiths such as judiasm, zen budism, islam and christianity.

After the Roman empire largely converted to Christianity the nearest civilization and religion of any consequence was Egypt and their goat head God Siatan. Hmm. Sounds familiar.