Why are house arrest bracelets placed on the ankle instead of the wrist?


The ankle seem’s like an impractical place to put it, but obviously there’s a reason. What is it?

In: Technology

You can’t contort your foot/ankle the same way you can your hand and wrist.
It makes it very difficult to get off without resorting to more extreme measures.

Where would you to have a bracelet of that size on your body for week at end. Where would it be most in the way?

It has to be so tight around so you can slip it off and it would be tighter around the wrist.

The first model I found online had a mass of 8.7 oz( 250g). Put a object with that mass on either location and determine where you would like to where it.

Where would you like to have it your ankle of your wrist? I suspect that answer is the wrist and for obvious reasons.

One of the other reasons why it’s on the ankle is because it is generally easier to hide from public. Placing it on the wrist will be much harder to conceal hence bringing about public shame which can result in a lawsuit of violation of the 8th amendment. The goal of the ankle bracelet is not to shame the person but to keep track. Placing the bracelet on the hand will cause unnecessary exposure + shame. Same reason why it’s not around the neck.