Why are some types of plastic packaging so loud when opened or moved around?


Why is the plastic packaging on something like a package of sugar cookies so loud? Where is the sound coming from?

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The packaging is non-elastic, and is also shaped into a curve when manufactured instead of a flat surface. This causes areas to be bi-stable, like a dome that can either be concave or convex, but not flat, and will make noise when transitioning.

To add to what others have said, we are used also to see movies were packaging is not so noisy. That is because they create packages specifically for movies that are quieter. So, by comparison reality even seems noisier than it should.

To create non-noisy package is not a priority for everyday product designers. Who would pay extra for a quiet bag at the supermarket?

An interesting documentary: [How Noiseless Props Are Made For Movies And TV Shows | Movies Insider | Insider](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6btmJSRueE)