Why are the genitals of humans much darker than the rest of our bodies?


My own genitals are way darker than the rest of my body but I didn’t really think anything of it until it somehow crossed my mind again. For reference: I went to the local public swimming pool and while showering noticed that this was universal for everh male

Edit: The skin on the very tip is particularly dark. The foreskin that is. There’s a distinct color change.

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The skin is thinner so blood vessels are nearer to the surface and the colour of the blood shows through. Plus it’s a very vascularised area, so there are more blood vessels.


During puberty, your body produces a lot of androgen (hormone). This hormone interacts with melanocytes (these are the cells that create melamine – the thing that gives skin color) in peoples genitalia, giving darker skin color.

That’s why you usually don’t see this phenomenon in children.