why are the large veins on the back of each hand different patterns?


If the human body is a basic repeating template, why does each hand look so different?

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Your genetics encode the production of a specific vein, however while it’s growing, so is the rest of the body and the arm is forming, causing the veing to slowly build outwards and branch out as the “meat” grows.

Fun fact Veins are a true unique trait on a human, similar to the X mosaic is different on every female/klienfelters syndrome subject. The UK government has used pedophile forearm vein positions to identify them by just their arm.

The DNA can force connections meaning that the cells will not continue to grown until they sense a certain chemical connection which would force two cells to require the presence of a certain cell nearby and in this case it can be the same cell. This is used a LOT but so much activity of the body is interrupted by less than ideal processes which makes the different sides fo the body a tiny bit different. Since resources aren’t transferred perfectly across the body and since forces and traumas happen to different parts and since certain sides of the body are used more, it would not be beneficial for all the cells to be programmed to HAVE to connect to each other for perfect symmetry. So, yes the body is totally made of repeating DNA BUT that DNA is produced according to the environmental factors acting on the DNA which those factors effect the body differently in different places and so therefor it seems random but there are very very specific reasons the veins grew the way they did. On an anecdotal note, Once a cat scratched my arm and their nail went through the large vein on the underside of my elbow and tore through both sides of it. I could barely use my arm and noticed the vein pattern changing and other non injured veins were getting larger and more pronounced. The veins are actively changing.