Why are there no carbohydrate pills ( just like vitamin pills)?


Why are there no pills,like Vitamin pills, for carbohydrates? For instance to gain weight or as an alternative for emergency situations like a famine.

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Vitamins are *micro*nutrients, your body needs these in small quantities. Carbohydrates are *macro*nutrients, your body needs these in large quantities.

There are cheap ready-made carb pills. We call them noodles 🙂

Vitamins are micro nutrients – we need them in small quantities.

Carbohydrates are macro nutrients – we need them in large quantities. There’s no point in taking a carbohydrate pill when you can just eat carb rich foods (rice, potatoes, bread…)

That’s what a sugar pill is, although they are mainly used as a placebo. There are emergency rations that have very compact bars or cubes, because a small pill doesn’t provide enough carbs to do much.

Your body needs a lot of food in a day. I’m not going to do the exact math but the most caloric dense thing you can eat is fat (9 calories per gram compared to 4 for carbs & proteins). Assuming you need a 2000 calorie per day diet, that’s **3-4 sticks of butter** to get all your calories per day. Double that if you want carbs.

That’s just too much *stuff* to practically eat as pills. If you want to gain weight or need emergency rations, there’s other forms to put it in that are far more practical and satisfying to consume.

They actually do, but they aren’t used for the reasons you stated, other posts have said why not. However, they do make glucose (which is a type of carb) pills for diabetics. They’re used to raise the blood sugar in diabetics when they have lows, in case they don’t have food on hand. It also comes in a gel, which is what my wife keeps for emergencies.