Why are we sometimes unable to fall asleep when tired even in pristine conditions?


I’m interested in knowing why people who are tired (not hardcore sleep deprived) are sometimes unable to fall asleep for hours upon hours. It surprises me how flawed the human body can be in this regard, especially in comparison to animals.

Quick elaboration: by “pristine conditions” I mean comfortably in bed without being hungry, thirsty, in pain, stressed out, in a loud/bright environment, etc.

In: Biology

It’s just how some people’s bodies work, and it also depends on what you were doing before hand. If you were on your phone you are getting blue light which lowers the amount of melatonin you get which helps you sleep. Also, some people could just be bored and not really needing to sleep. For example, I could be at school, fully awake the hour before having fun with my friends, but now I’m in biology with Mr. Monotone and I’m dead tired, but Lunch is next and I’m fully awake again. Sleeping is a weird process, it’s insanely easy for some to fall asleep, and very hard for others. Try googling things you can do before bed time that can help you sleep quicker.