Why aren’t there at home motor oil testing kits for motorized vehicles?


Wouldn’t this increase the longevity of some engines and cost people less over time (hopefully if they aren’t aggressive drivers)?

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What would you test for? You just need to follow the manufactures recommendation of how often to change the oil. You can also just pull the dipstick out and look at your oil.

I don’t see a need to test motor oil. It is filtered and changed (ideally) at regular intervals. If anything shows up in the oil, it probably would have presented itself in other ways (smoke, knocking, or similar).

There are. When your oil gets too dirty, your car will tell you. Many of them are set to trip at regular intervals as well, but if before the normal recommended time hits, it will trip and tell you to change your oil. I don’t know how long this has been, but my 01 Sierra did it.

Car manufacturers aren’t totally sold on drivers checking the oil level, much less the oil chemistry. Getting junk in the oil while returning the dipstick nearly offsets the benefit of checking with every fillup (as was once the recommendation).

Unless the test was really cheap, changing the oil might be a cheaper way to handle the uncertainty.