Why can an electric car (like a Tesla) still be beaten in a race by a classic car?


I saw multiple videos about a Tesla family car beating all the competition on a 100 meter or so track. After that the classic engines gained on them.

Why is this? Isn’t an electric motor able to just gain speed until the battery runs out since there are very little moving parts like in a classic engine? Correct me if I’m way off. Thanks!


The electric motor driving the wheel still has it’s limits. Friction and power limits still exist.

An electric motor is limited by the amount of current the power supply (which is a combination of the batteries and the associated control circuitry) can deliver.

Why you’re seeing Tesla cars beating muscle cars and drag-strip type cars has to do with the fact that an electric motor delivers maximum torque when it is dead-stalled, whereas a gasoline motor doesn’t hit the peak of it’s torque until well into middle RPM range. This is what allows you to stomp on the pedal in a Tesla and go from zero to 60 in a heartbeat while the guy in the gasser is still waiting for his engine to hit the sweet spot in its torque curve.

If both cars would be 100% equal (weight, tires, horsepower) the electric car would always win because it’s able to put out all the power in an instant. The classic ICE cars can beat them because they’re just not equal but they just get up to full power then they start to build up revs