Why can kids get tolerate being dizzy more than adults?


Why can kids get tolerate being dizzy more than adults?

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Kids have nothing negative to associate with the dizziness. Adults get drunk, high with bad trips, head injuries, so adults have all that negative feedback with being dizzy, while kids are just having fun

Seriously what’s up with that? Why do I feel like I’m going to vomit from turning to much, when, as a child, I used to spin around for minutes just for fun.

Its nothing psychological, but physiological. Your sense of balance is based on a little bit of liquid in a chamber in your ear. It can tell your brain if you’re standing up, laying down, upside down etc. when you spin around it creates a little vortex and when you stop the liquid keeps spinning for a minute, confusing your brain and making you dizzy.

When you get older that liquid becomes a little bit more viscous, thus changing how it feels to be dizzy, as well as get you dizzy faster and keeps you dizzy longer.

Not sure why, but when I was a kid I loved making myself dizzy. Now as an adult I literally feel like I’m going to be sick even after being slightly dizzy.