Why can’t bad eyesight be fixed by exercise


If working out can make your body healthier and stronger why can’t eye exercises eliminate all need for glasses/contact lenses?

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If you are young the most common cause of bad eyesight is due to abnormal shape of the eyeball causing light to enter your eye differently than optimal. Exercise is not going to change your eyeball shape any more than it is going to change shape of your nose.

So it’s the shape of the eyeball, not the actually muscles that affect vision unless I guess if you’re cross eyed? Thanks for your responses.

There are different types of visual deficiencies. Depending on the type, something can be permanently damaged. (Retina, nerves etc, etc) No training in the world can cure scars.

In case of ametropia (e.g., shortness or farsightedness), the reason, as said by others, is an altered eye length. Here, muscles can actually momentarily compress / stretch the lens to improve their strength, and theoretically, you can do it. BUT this will not fix the cause and you would have to hook up your eye muscles permanently. (Imagine you always have to carry 10kg of weight) Also, you lose this ability with age