Why can’t we have zero or low calorie versions of food as we do with drinks?


Why do we have to stick with “fitness” versions of food that aren’t as tasty instead of making artificial food that tastes great, makes you feel full and is not a caloric bomb?

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Cause drinks are mostly made of water and sugar and there’s substitutes for sugar which have zero calories.

Your food doesn’t really have a analogue for that. You can lower the calories in food by using spices and stuff which is like the sugar replacement but you can’t replace the water bit with zero cal.

Except for maybe lettuce but that’s because it’s mostly water.

You could maybe infuse a lettuce leaf with cumin for a zero cal burger lol.

There aren’t many safe to consume substances that also aren’t metabolized for energy. Water is one.

Some plants such as lettuce are largely water.

You do have some calorie free versions of various foods. Most notably candy as this is basically sugar which can be replaced with artificial sweeteners. However there is no way to make calorie free fat, protein or many other different food chemicals. So it is impossible to make for example calorie free bacon, although scientists are trying as hard as they can.

. . .how?

Drinks are just water with flavoring and/or sweetener. Foods have to be actual food.

I did see some calorie-free salad dressing though. Not sure how they do that.

Texture and processing.

First, sugar provides substantial texture, think a lollipop, it’s 100% sugar, take the sugar out it’s a few drops of food coloring and liquid flavoring. If you added artificial sweetener, it would still be a few drops of liquid, it wouldn’t be something you could put on a stick. If you made a sugar free lollipop it needs to be made out of something, and it’s a whole science to get the right texture.

It applies to a whole lot of things, frosting, syrup, etc. Often we use sugar alcohols, but those still have calories and tend to cause a laxative effect.

Second, soda is a very processed food, flavoring and refined sugar mixed with water. Meat and flour are not nearly as refined, and you are not really going to refine the sugar out of those things, I guess you could, but you’re not going to have chunks of pepper in your food, you’re not going to see sesame seeds on your buns. Removing sugar from bread might not be too bad, but from a cheeseburger or a pie is totally different.