Why can’t we lift as much on the second set?


Why can’t we lift as much on the second set?

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If you ate a giant meal, and then were offered a second giant meal, you wouldn’t be able to eat as much the second run.

Your muscles are already tired from set one. They ate that first meal. So when you offer round two, they’re already full (tired).

Also, lactic acid builds up with vigorous exercise, which means the muscle isn’t getting as much oxygen, which means it doesn’t preform as well for round 2.

Not lifting as much on the second set is not necessarily true.

Consider warm-up sets, where one lifts sub-maximal weight to accustom the muscles to activity and deliver additional blood to them in preparation for the “working” sets of the desired weight.

Also consider set-focused weightlifting, such as 5×5, in which one is lifting the same weight across a number of sets.

Because you used up some of your bodies phosphocreatine and glycogen stores. Less stores = less available energy = less force production.

A little more in depth:

The body uses 3 pathways to get energy during exercise. Phosphocreatine (pc) anaerobic glycogen, and Electron transport chain (ETC).

1) pc is used up In first 10 seconds or so of high intensity exercise

2) glycogen is used next and works for close to 60 seconds of high intensity exercise

3)body starts fatiguing and having to use ETC but rate of ATP production is much slower making it harder for muscles to use energy to lift.