why can’t we use salt water for irrigation?


why can’t we use salt water for irrigation?

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It would need to be desalinated first which is not easy to do. Otherwise it would destroy the crops and land.

Essentially every plant that grows in the ground requires fresh water rather than salt water. Absent human intervention, they would get water from just rain, which is fresh water, so they have evolved to expect that. Give them too much salt in their water, and they will shrivel up and die, just like you.

For plants? Because plants can’t take the salt concentration

And to desalinate? There currently isn’t a way to desalinate saltwater that is economical and mechanically achievable on the scale that would be needed. Salt is also hard on mechanical parts. It is doable with the right amount of money….which is a lot.

Salt is toxic to most terrestrial plants. This fact has been used in the past to “salt the Earth” and prevent conquered peoples from growing crops. Since seawater is very salty, it would kill most crops.

Too much salt will make the earth no good for growing crops. There’s a saying that one “salts the earth” when talking about making ground unusable for agriculture.