Why can’t you spot reduce fat?


I get that everyone stores/carries fat differently but wouldn’t it be more efficient to have a system where the fat near whatever muscles doing work gets broken down first?

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Cause when you work out, no matter what you do be it a squat or a pushup or a deadlift or whatever you are burning calories. Not tummy calories or leg calories or ass calories. Just calories. So the weight comes of everywhere.

“wouldn’t it be more efficient”

I mean, add it to the developer’s notes for Humanity 2.0, I guess

You can’t spot reduce fat because fat reduction is the result of a caloric deficit, and you don’t spot fuel your body with calories from food, nor does your body only get energy from the part of your body that you are using when you work out.

I feel like the system being more efficient would still lead to fatty accumulation. If you could spot reduce fat it would lead to very skinny belly, but i would still imagine the excess energy must be stored as fat. So one would end up with massive love handles or fatty knees, if we assume the fat is stored equally across the body. And very top of the head is very short on muscles too, there would be massive pileup between the skull and the skin. This is all just thought experimenting on the body being more efficient. I strongly feel in this case smart is better than efficient.

Some fat actually is stored in skeletal muscle fibers, along with ATP, the body’s main source of fuel. Fat is not directly converted into energy. Fat is broken down into different lipids, which are carried by the blood and then converted to ATP, just like sugars, meaning carbohydrates, are. The body breaks the ATP down into carbon dioxide, water, heat, and ADP in the mitochondria. There’s really no benefit to having non-skeletal fat stored as close to the muscle as possible, as any deficit of fat derived ATP is not due to the delay in transport.