Why do all known solar systems have planets that revolve along the same plane?


Why do all of our planets revolve around the sun on the same 2D plane? Why aren’t some planets orbiting the sun on another degree different than ours?

Does this also apply to planets with multiple moons? Do those moons always share the same 2D plane?

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>Why do all of our planets revolve around the sun on the same 2D plane?

Do you have a source for this being true for all known Solar Systems?

They aren’t exactly on the same plane, It just is modeled that way for ease of understanding and ‘rounding.’

Mercury has an inclination of 7 degrees, Ceres and Pluto are even more inclined between 10 and 17 degrees.

But more to your general point, gravity of large bodies pulls stuff towards it. As things pull together, objects get larger and keep moving, gathering more towards its direction of movement. Rinse and repeat.

Because while the sun is the main gravitational force the planet’s also pull on each other. Jupiter’s pull on the inner planets is like taking a string and pulling it taught. Sun pulling one direction while jupiter pulls them in the other. Eventually the smaller planetary bodies in between will all align on that jupiter-sun plane.

Conservation of momentum. When a dust cloud is collapsing into a star/solar system, the stuff will be moving mostly randomly, but by chance enough of it will be moving in the same direction to impart a spin on the gas and dust. As it continue to collapse, more and more of it will start to move that direction. As more stuff spins faster and faster, the stuff that’s not in the center forms into a disk extending from the equator of the star. This stuff forms the planets, so they all end up in the same plane. Smaller stuff that is usually way further out isn’t as affected by this gravity and spin, so that’s why you have comets and stuff with wacky angles.

I was thinking of how to word this very question. Thank you.

I also would like to know, is there actually such a thing as ‘up’. The idea of being on the same plane is awesome. But as stated in the comments, some are on tilt I believe? Where do you measure the tilt from?

Following on from that, can the sun appear to us as “upside down”, such as a clock face with the 6 up top and 12 down the bottom?

Or is it all just relative and I should sleep?