Why do animals have mating seasons?


Why do animals have mating seasons?

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The real question is why humans *don’t* have mating seasons when most animals do. Animals have mating seasons so that they give birth when food is plentiful and baby animals have the best chance of surviving.

For humans, though, social factors are more important than food availability. Continuous mating is part of humanity’s highly social communities, and being highly social has evolutionary advantages that outweigh the disadvantages of having a baby in winter.

So the gestation period is timed so the babies are born in the spring.

This is when food is most abundant for carnivores and herbivores alike.

Because a baby born in the dead of winter when there is no food around would be a real bad thing.

This is why most animals have mating seasons that lead to them having young in the spring time.

When food is plentiful and it gives the young the most time to grow up before the next winter.

As others said it is so that when babies are born there is enough food for them to survive in alignment with the seasons.